What’s Up?

I am currently getting my new indie film company Over the Edge Films up and running. ​I have a few projects in production.


Motet which is  an impressionistic experimental docu-melodrama formed from non-linear narratives. These stories are expressed as individual 'motives' which, like a piece of music (hence the name Motet) invites the viewer to make their own connections, associations, and allusions.


The film reminds us of the deeper continuity between our experiences and the experiences of others; that our beliefs and hopes, our pain and sorrow, are shared through our empathy to others. This film is about the process of life not the end result - and perhaps above all reminding the viewer that there are no stories in life only experiences and that we construct the stories to remember and share our experiences.

The Doug Stone Series, which is a web series about the artist Doug Stone who I followed for a year as he lived his life and talked about art. 

Pink Typewriter in the Jam Closet is a film that reflects upon the deeper relationships between siblings as they spend a week in the house the grew up in reflecting on their experiences, laughing and sharing a timelessness in a world that changes

I am also working on a Double Concerto for Viola and Cello, as well as a re-compose of Vivaldi's Season for Euphonia.


My Violin Concerto will premiere with Euphonia featuring violinist Amy Spurr on February 15th 2019 at Array Music - located at 155 Walnut Ave, Toronto. Tickets are $15 - $20

My new album Red is available online. This is the follow up LP to Lost Radio which is available: see the Lost Radio page

The Crve has released a new singles 'Looks So Happy'

On the film side of things I am working on a new documentary called Motet. The film is a reflection on the process of art and life. I sit down with several artists - painters, actors, musicians - and talk about the process of making art, stepping beyond the world of "branding" and the "bottom-line" to talk about what goes into a work of art. However this film is not an objective attempt to discuss art, it is a personal journey - what I think of as my midlife-crisis film, as I am asking: what is my life? Many of the ideas I have had of what my life have faded or failed. So what is art, what is life, if it is not the end result: the process of art, the process in life?