Rocking back and forth

When I was a kid I would sit, rocking back and forth, on sofas, in bed, in the car, wherever, as I sang melodies for hours. Melodies, not words, feed my imagination—as images passed before my inner eye; as experiences washed over me. Is this what Lost Radio is? Was I always lost?

I don’t know how to pitch or sell a project; I only know how to do what I want to do, what I feel I need to do. A teacher once said to me,

“It’s like you want to do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it.”

I looked quizzically at him saying what I felt was a somewhat the obvious answer, “Yes.”

I was 34 or 35 at the time.

I’ve often felt badly for the students who believed their teachers. It’s not their fault the students are looking for mentorship, I was too and I was an older, so-called, mature student.

In the marketing parlance of our times, there was a need and the schools could capitalize on that need. The goal, then, is to successfully market the natural need to be mentored! Is the education system exploitative?

How we manipulate the natural design, or order, so to speak, reflects how we as a society try to exert control over the natural order. But why do we need to exert control?

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