"Fuck it Dude let's go bowling"

What happens when you say “Fuck it dude, let’s go bowling?” What happens when you step outside the lines and stop paying attention, what happens when you reject they ideology of control? But this is no simple task. We have come to accept many things in life that when shown to us in another light we would reject.

Inequality, for example, when directed at us is unacceptable, however, we buy products, and engage services, from people who are not living equally to us. Friends can treat friends horribly, lovers can be hurtful, but nonetheless we cherish the story of friendship and love. So we are pulled back in even as we struggle to say “Fuck it dude, let’s go bowling.”

That which liberates us confines us. The bars of our cell are made from the tools of our liberation. It’s not easy. We don’t just walk away. We don’t just accept our nature. We are judged, we are ignored, because we judge and ignore; we are alone. The question is, aren’t we always alone?

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