The enemy of my enemy...

I think many of us are confounded by the destructive absurdity we see in the world. Many of us say “It doesn’t make sense,” arguing in circles as we bang our head. We see how unreasonable things are and wonder how it is that we can be so foolish, particularly when the inequality is so obvious. But the very fact that it is so obvious is the point.

The problem is we have a system in place that is fundamentally at odds with reason. Being rich and successful is about being above reason, exercised and demonstrated through acts of power, of dominance, and in turn of showing that one is beyond the rules; rules of tolerance, liberty, equality, and so on. This is also the case with poverty because Poverty itself is proof of societies lack of reason. (To be clear: Poverty is accepted in our society, which is entirely unreasonable!) This is the foundation of the “haves” and “have-nots.” However, this leads us to an alliance we might not at first understand but is borne out in the world today. We see this alliance play out in politics, where people vote for leaders that hurt them economically, socially, and so on, and we wonder: why? However more fundamentally they share a disregard for “The System” an ideal beyond the rules, beyond reason. And the need, on the one hand, to dominate the system and the need, on the other, to deny the system (because when in poverty we are excluded from it) all of this leads us to the the old saying… The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

This is why the underpinning of reason is equality. The greater the economic gap in society the greater the disparity of reason.

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