"Take One" is a series motivated by the events surrounding COVID-19 and the experience of self-quarantine. Three filmmakers are working on a TV series. They are living together as they work on the show. But outside everything is changing. What was normal is no-longer normal. What do these filmmakers do? They decide to make a film, but what film? Each has their own idea of what a good film is.

Episode One

"You can't Jazz a movie"

Stage one: We need to make a good first scene. But what does that mean?


In this episode the three filmmakers struggle with the question: What makes a "good" or "bad" film and what "can" or "cannot" be done when making a film? The director seems certain that anything "filmed" makes a film, but others are not convinced. 

Episode Two (Part 1)

"You’ll never guess who I bumped into."

Our three filmmakers continue ask the question: What makes a "good" or "bad" film and what "can" or "cannot” be done when making a film? 


Jordan continues to film his long-takes, but is unable to find his cast! John gets back from his walk to find Jordan wondering around the house filming and Paul learns what kind of director Jordan is.

Episode Two (Part 2)

"I do miss how I love you."


Paul and John continue to explore film ideas, but Paul remains unsure as to what Jordan is doing. John reads Paul's aleatoric script and an idea for a film is born.

Episode Three entitled “Always check your bind spot is now online.


John cleans up the office and shares what’s on his mind about COVID, the world, chaos, and being in quarantine. John reflects on an experience that is impacting all of us.