Over the Edge Films is my new indie film production company. It was born out of my personal need to make films that reflect a perspective and aesthetic I find moving. I am curious about many things but mostly about people. So I explore the stories and experiences of people I meet.  I film people in a way that is direct and unaffected so we can hear them speak without fitting them into a given trend.


I want to explore cinematic forms as a means of inclusion rather than exclusion, finding ways to expand our understanding of people and ourselves. The only way to make these kinds of films is to do so independently.


All the films are self-funded and auteur driven. I am the director, the camera person, the lighting person, the sound person, the editor, the composer, and all post-sound. Whenever I can, in post-production, I bring in my good friend John in to do the colour grading.


Welcome to Over the Edge Films. More to come…